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When selecting a chart of accounts or making changes to your existing chart of accounts, follow this guide.

Selecting a chart of accounts

When you create a fund, you have the option to share an existing fund's chart of accounts or create new one from the available defaults.

  1. Creating a new chart of accounts.

    1. On the 'Create Fund' screen, you can either use an existing fund's chart of accounts or create a new one from an available template.

    2. If you chose to create a new chart of accounts, select 'New Chart of Accounts' on the 'Create Fund' screen.

    3. Now, give a name to your new chart of accounts and select a template for it.

    4. You can modify your new chart of account once you've create the fund.
  2. In case you'd like to use an existing chart of accounts of another fund you manage, you can simply select it from the list of chart of accounts.


Click on 'Create Fund' and you're done.


Switching between Chart of Accounts

You can switch between existing chart of accounts selected for a fund from the 'Edit Fund' screen. A switch is only possible if you have added no transactions or manual journals to this fund yet.