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When looking at existing transactions, use data filters and drill downs to find what you're looking for.

Data filters are available for:

  1. Capital notices, notice groups and investor transactions.
  2. Utilization transactions and their corresponding transaction groups.
  3. Reports and their corresponding report groups.

In either of these screens, you can drill down into a more specific view or zoom out to a more generic view of your data. For instance, you can drill down from notice groups to notices and again to investor transactions. Afterwards, you can zoom out to see the last view. No matter which screen you're on, the filters remain similar. For the following example, we use the utilization transactions screen.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open up the existing utilization transactions screen.

  2. You will find the following filters on the top right of the screen.
    1. Date range filter , select from and to date to filter transactions made within selected date range.
    2. Status filter , select different status from the dropdown to view transactions with selected status.
    3. You will find a 'funnel' iconon the top right of the screen. Tap or click it. You will see the following filters:
      1. Transaction Head
      2. Asset
      3. Analysis Code
      4. Settlement
    4. The 'View' dropdown  lets you switch between the 'utilization transactions' and 'utilization transaction groups' view.

  3. You can apply multiple filters at a time.