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You need manual journals to enter an accounting entry that is not available on either the 'Capital Transactions' or 'Utilization Transactions'. For instance you may be trying to:

  1. Transfer between your bank account, such as a Cash - USD to Cash - EUR transaction.
  2. Do an intra-company transfer, such as extending a loan to another of your funds.

Whatever the use case, what is common between all manual journals is that they don't affect the total Net Assets Value. If this is not the case, think again and ask yourself if this journal entry could be rather created through 'Capital Transactions' or 'Utilization Transactions' (see creating a utilization transaction type). If you're sure that this entry will not affect the Net Assets Value, follow the steps below to create a manual journal:

Step by Step Guide

  1. Click on the 'Create' button, select the 'Transaction' tab and select 'manual journal'.

  2. On the next screen, click on the add journal line to create your new manual journal. Note that you need to have atleast 'CLIENT ADMIN' rights in order to create a manual journal.

    Example 1

a. Example 1: Recording an Inter-bank transfer


b. Example 2: Recording amount payable to LPs



3. Click on the 'Post Journal' button to post your new manual journal.


Next, learn how to edit a manual journal.


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