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Use this guide to update existing valuations of your investments.



Valuations should be posted in chronological order to correctly calculate unrealized  gains/losses based on historical cost and valuation transactions (If you create/modify a historical cost or valuation for an asset, you would need to modify and re-save all future valuations for the asset post that date


1. Go to utilization transactions and click view on the valuation transaction that needs to be modified.
2. A new screen would appear with all transactions for that transaction group. Click on "Send Back to Draft" button to make it available for making changes to the transaction group.
3. Click on "View" again to view the transactions in draft.
4. Select "Modify Transaction" from Actions drop-down menu.
5. This will take you to initial screen where valuation details were entered. Once you are done with the required changes, click on "save valuation transactions". This will generate updated journals with the required changes.
6. Click on the 'View Saved Transactions' button when it appears.

7. Reconfirm that the changes are made. If everything looks alright, submit the transactions for review. Alternatively, click on Actions -> 'Modify Fund Transactions' to go back to the last screen.

8. On a successful submit, you'll receive a confirmation message similar to below.


Next Steps Follow the approvals process to approve the transactions.

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