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When recording investments/realizations, follow this guide for updated reporting / IRR calculations.


  1. New Investment: When investing in a new asset, post a new valuation transaction at cost.

  2. Follow-on Investment: When doing a follow-on investment in an existing asset, post a fresh valuation transaction to account for the additional investment.

  3. Revaluations: To account for movement in fair value, post a valuation transaction to update unrealized gain/loss.

  4. Partial realization: When partially realizing an asset, post a new valuation transaction to update unrealized gain/loss for the remaining investment.

  5. Complete Exit: After booking a complete exit from an asset, post a valuation transaction with the amount as 0.



Valuations should be posted in chronological order to correctly calculate unrealised gains/losses based on historical cost and valuation transactions. (If you create/modify a historical cost or valuation, you would need to re-save future valuations post that date)

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